The law firm LexCertus Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Żelazna i Tejszerska-Siwińska s.c. it is a team of legal advisors, focused on providing professional legal assistance to domestic and foreign legal persons, organisational units and individuals. Our goal is to pursue to protect the interests and rights of our Clients and its claiming at the stage of proceedings before national courts and bodies, by providing proper and reliable legal assistance. This purpose is expressed in the Latin name of our Law Firm. The free translation of "LexCertus" means certain, reliable and dependable law.

Thanks to experience gained mainly during many years of work in law firms and commercial companies, we know and understand the specifics of conducting business activity by our Clients – legal persons and organisational units, as well as legal problems that our Clients – individuals face in their everyday life.

The members of our team are also willing to share their practical experience with a wide circle of readers, as part of a monthly publication on real estate, including administration and management of real estate.

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we provide comprehensive support and advising, going beyond the standard provision of legal assistance, serving our Clients, among others, a substantive support during business negotiations.

The Law Firm provides professional legal assistance in both Polish and English language. We offer to prepare, among others, drafts of bilingual business contracts.

We cooperate with tax advisers, accounting offices, EU grant advisers, insurance agents and certified translators of foreign languages.


legal advisor Agnieszka Żelazna
partner of the Law Firm, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław

She graduated in law at the University of Wrocław (Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics). She completed the legal training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wroclaw.

During her legal studies she was a member of the European Law Students Association ELSA – Wrocław. She also received the scholarship for the best students and held student practice in a common court and prosecutor’s office.

She has over 6 years of professional experience related to the provision of legal assistance and services, acquired in several commercial companies and as a result of individual practice. Particular attention has been paid to specialisation in the real estate market and legal services of condominiums. The above resulted in establishing a permanent (already over 3-year) cooperation with the widely read magazines, i.e. “Nieruchomości C.H. Beck” and “Administrator: zarządzanie – utrzymanie – inwestycje”, on the pages of which she share her knowledge, experience and discuss current legal changes and case-law regarding the legal aspects of the functioning of condominiums, housing co-operatives and (recently) Social Housing Associations (TBS).

legal advisor Halszka Tejszerska-Siwińska
partner of the Law Firm, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław

She graduated in law at the University of Wrocław (Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics).

During her legal studies she was a member of the European Law Students Association ELSA – Wrocław. As part of the Erasmus Programme (student exchange programme), she had the opportunity to study law in English for one year at the University of Akureyri (Iceland), the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. She also attended the School of American Law at the University of Wrocław conducted in cooperation with Chicago-Kent College of Law. During her studies she was receiving the scholarship for the best students, she also held student practice in the common court and the law firm run by legal advisors, as well as she actively participated in the sports life of the University by representing the University of Wrocław in the tennis competitions.

She has over 6 years of professional experience gained while working in the legal advisor’s office, as well as during long-term cooperation with private limited companies, for which she provides legal assistance as an in-house lawyer. Thus, in her professional work she paid particular attention to issues related to company law, corporate law and labour law. She completed the legal English course preparing for the ILEC exam conducted at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław. She as well provides professional legal services in English. It is also possible to obtain legal advice in Spanish.


Using our experience, we provide professional legal assistance in Polish and English, in the areas of:


We provide our Clients with professional legal assistance for remuneration determined in accordance with one of the following options. We believe that thanks to the clear rules of remuneration, taking into account the financial capabilities of an individual Client, we are able to offer legal advice to the widest possible range of Clients who need it.

Both the analysis of the case and the documentation submitted by the Client as well as the first visit in the Law Firm are always free of charge, which means that the Client receives free information about the status of his case and the possibility of its acceptance by the Law Firm. On this basis, the Client is free to decide whether or not to hand over the case to conduct it by the Law Firm.

Monthly fee

The amount of the fee is set individually with the Client. The fee is a fixed monthly flat-rate remuneration for a number of hours agreed with the Client, within which the Law Firm is ready to provide legal assistance. As part of the fee, the Client monthly has for use a certain, adjusted to his need, amount of the lawyer’s working hours. In the case of exceeding the monthly limit of working hours within the fee, the additional hourly fee is added to the monthly fee (rate per hour x the number of lawyer’s working hours above the limit of the hours in the monthly fee). Each time the Law Firm informs the Client about the possible exceeding of the limit hours within the monthly fee yet before the service above the monthly fee is performed. Thanks to this, the Client always has the opportunity to make an individual decision to order the given service in the current month or not until the next month of the fee. Thus, the Client is never surprised by the amount of remuneration charged by the Law Firm, as well as the amount of the rate per hour, because binding is the rate per hour settled initially when the monthly fee agreement has been concluded.

Hourly fee

The settlement with the Client is based on the multiplication of the number of hours worked and the rate per lawyer’s working hour. The rate per hour is set individually with the Client and depends on, among others, the type of the legal service, the degree of its complexity or the deadline of its execution according to the Client’s wish. The Client shall pay only for the time, that the Law Firm spent to execute the given case, with an accuracy of up to 30 minutes. When the realisation time of the case is more than 30 minutes is rounded to the full hour and when it’s less than 30 minutes than is half of agreed rate per hour.


Our clients

We care about the satisfaction of our Clients resulting from the legal assistance provided by the Law Firm. We realise that this satisfaction consists of many factors, so not only the winning of the case, but also the individual approach of the Law Firm to the Client, professionalism, reliability and providing the services on-time. In our opinion, it is all of these factors that bring again to us Clients seeking legal aid in further, new cases.

We are honoured that they have so far trusted us:




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